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Geoscience Data Management Systems
Closing the Geoscience Data Loop

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Our Services

GDMS focuses on automating the geoscience data loop from the source to
the decision maker – the key being getting the right data, in the right format,
in front of the right person, be that yourself, an investor, the regulator or a


Our system does this by automatically collecting, managing,
interpreting and presenting geoscience data seamlessly and at a fraction of
the cost of a traditional telemetry system and data management platform,
largely thanks to new technology and the GDMS software suite. The GDMS
platform is cloud-hosted and multi-user accessible - anywhere, anytime.

Increased Safety

Real time monitoring with alerts for threshold breaches and system health, all interlaced with true design functionality.

Reduce Costs

Replace telemetry systems that are
expensive to install and maintain with lowcost, modular, maintenance free hardware

Improved Data Quality

Better resolution, more accuracy and
improved quality.

Improved Decision Making

Get the right data in the right format in front of the right people, to make better decisions in real time on a cloud-hosted system.

Reduce Risk

Eliminate the need for manual data
downloads, inspections and system

Optimisation and Efficiency

Focus where it matters and optimise the
way data is collected, interpreted and


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