Geoscience Data Management Systems

Closing the Geoscience Data Loop

GDMS focuses on automating the geoscience data loop from the source to the decision maker – the key being getting the right data, in the right format, in front of the right person, be that yourself, an investor, the regulator or a consultant. Our system does this by automatically collecting, managing, interpreting and presenting geoscience data seamlessly and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional telemetry system and data management platform, largely thanks to new technology and the GDMS software suite. Our solution is offered on a rental agreement basis with no up-front costs.

Data Flow

How It Works

Closing The Data Loop


We provide a suite of software tools to manage and integrate your geoscience data.

This includes a modern customizable database system, hosted in a secure cloud environment.



We have developed the robust WayMaker data logger with modern technology that will receive up to four channels of data simultaneously. This data is sent through various channels automatically to the cloud hosted VlexDB system.



We can install and configure VWP's and other waterlevel loggers at your site.  Then we connect them to the WayMaker Multi Channel logger while at the same time configuring and setting up the VlexDB system to capture your geoscience data.




We are a geoscience data management company with more than 25 years experience in capturing and managing geoscience data.

We can help you to optimise and streamline your geoscience data flow, to make your processes more efficient.



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