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Why ChooseGDMS?

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Increased Safety

  • The platform enables real time monitoring of critical operational measurements

  • Users can be notified in real time of threshold breaches for critical measurements

  • The autonomous logger support system includes system health checks

  • Autonomous loggers remove people from active operational areas

Reduce Risk and Costs
  • Replace expensive telemetry and data management systems with one platform and low maintenance hardware

  • Stackable Cranio Pro-IO © system allows interface with any Sensor or Actuator

  • Solar powered with battery storage allows the devices to work autonomously in the field

  • Devices are designed for the harsh conditions of remote monitoring and control

  • Bluetooth for local configuration and monitoring of devices

  • Long Range RF for remote configuration and streaming of data from logging device

  • One device can act as the gateway per site

  • Remotely updateable via the Cranio IoT © platform

  • A true rugged IoT system capable of automated reporting and alerts

Improved Data Quality
  • Customizable data management system built on industry standard database platform

  • GIS and 3D graphics engine for data interpretation and design

  • Capture, manage and report geoscience data in one platform with underlying link to GIS and 3D capabilities

  • Provides better data resolution, accuracy and quality on one platform

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Improved Decision Making
  • Get the right data in the right format in front of the right people, with combined Database, GIS and 3D functionality

  • Combine various raw geoscience data sources for design and operational management processes

  • Manage process from design and construction to 'day to day' reporting & management

  • Real time data reporting compared to design and construction parameters


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